Kimberlea Daggy, Music Director of WFDD Public Radio, Wake Forest University, NC,  gave
her written testimonial on the newly rebuilt Steinway D concert piano rebuilt by Foy Piano Corp. with Sound Board by John Hartman and Precision TouchDesign by Stanwood:.

“Why I love your piano”

“I've just finished playing Chopin, Brahms and Debussy on your gorgeous piano. I really like the way the instrument responds to not only my touch, but my thought.  This action is so friendly - it seems to ask to be played.  The more I play, the more it wants to be played.  It responds to the loudest and firmest playing just as well as soft, intimate playing.  I don't have to do anything extra to have the piano sound the way I hear it in my mind.”

-Kimberlea Daggy

October 1999