Pianists Describe Stanwood Touch Designs

"The Sound You Want is the Sound You Get"
Very even...
Very smooth...
Very Accurate
Very constant feeling
Very fast... reliable
This will make better pianists
It's like dipping your fingers in liquid sound!
It registers even a whisper...
This is a piano to Die for
Consistency throughout!
You can grab onto it in a kinesthetic sense
Like moving through a substance you can control... viscous...
Like learning to swim in a fresh water pond and discovering the ocean
Like an old friend
I feel connected...
I feel at one with the piano
I feel as if each note is a person
I feel intimate.......
I feel much closer to the sound itself
I feel as though I have someone else's hands........
I can play quadruple pianissimo!
I can see the hammers in my fingers!
I couldn't play like this before!
I couldn't believe it!
...Great...unique action...especially for jazz...
A lush, rich feeling and sound, I love it!
A magical ease of playing
A remarkable experience
A 5,000% improvement
What more could one possibly want?
The Pain is gone
It responds in every way
It's very uniform
It's right there
It's revolutionary