Letters of Reference

Ted Howe - Jazz Pianist

6/30/96 Phone message to Stanwood & Company (508) 693-1583

David Baby,

Itís Ted. I just thought Iíd wait a whole week before I called you. Your probably sitting around wondering whether he likes it... he hates it...wants to put it back like it was.

Iíve never spent so much time at this piano since I owned it, as I have the last week. Iíve probably put in - Iím not joking- 25 hours on top of my teaching and everything else. Thatís were I am now. I just cannot stop playing this sucker.

Andy came by yesterday and tweaked it up some more, tuned it, and itís even better. Everybody thatís played it is has gone crazy. I had this cat in from L.A., a very prominant studio pianist in L.A.. His name is Ron Fewer. He came over and played it last Monday night when I... Oh and I played with the Trio it was incredible. Even Andy said "Iíve never heard you play like that..." The guys thought it was great. Anyway, Ron loved it... you might be hearing from him. He knows Chick Corea real well and he said this is better than Chickís Steinway Hamburg that sits in his Mad Hatterís Studio. Chick had somebody work on that action, Iím sure nothing like as scientific as your work,... and Ron said: "This just blows it away". So weíve got some things talk about... Iím a happy man. Youíve changed my whole life and I just wrote a tune for you, and when I record my trio album this is called "Song for David". Your gonna dig it! Anyway I hope to talk to you soon....Later

Ted Howe