Dr. Ruth Lloyd

Dear David:

I am writing to you in gratitude for the transformation of my piano!

This Steinway is a very beautiful instrument, has a lways been so.
However, last year, because of having developed a tendonitis in both
my hands (largely due to extensive typing at a computer), I was
severely limited in what I could perform, and for how long.

When I learned of your innovative method, making possible a "profile"
of the piano's action by computer analysis, and a customized adjustment
in key weight and balance, I couldn't believe my good fortune.
Moreover, your "touch design" of this piano has not only made
performance again possible for me, it has also, I am convinced,
succeeded in bringing forth the instrument's full and gorgeous potential.

I thank you.


Ruth Lloyd, Ph.D.

179 Marlborough Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
August 12, 1995