Russell Sherman

October 29, 2000

With great pleasure and admiration, may I report that the Mason and Hamlin piano which I have played on Martha's Vineyard has demonstrated a remarkable range and beauty of tone.  Once again David Stanwood has worked his magic, by a process which is mysterious to me but concretely explicit in the sound of the instrument.

Yours Truly,

Russell Sherman

Sept. 11, 1999

Apart form the quality of sound, the most important feature of a
piano is the predictability of its touch and regulation. In fact,
minus this absolute eveness of response, the sound itself cannot
be either controlled or shaped by the performer.

David Stanwood's invention and method for achieving uniform
regulation of the touch, affecting each key and each part of the
instrument, is of inestimable value to the pianist.

By avoiding the vagaries of uncertain response, the players essential
focus on techniques and interpretation can proceed without accident or inhibition.

Thus Mr. Stanwood has made a monumental advance in Piano Technology.
For by dealing with, a priori, the complex mechanical variables involved
(which normally bedevil both pianist and technician), he has greatly
simplified and ameliorated our task as performers.

Russell Sherman

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