Piano Technicians Guild Journal Publications
on the subject of Touch Weight Metrology

by David C. Stanwood

"Mastering Friction with the Balance Weight System"
November 1990

"The New Touchweight Metrology"
新しいタッチ ウエイト度量衡法
June 1996

"Standard Protocols of the New Touchweight Metrology"
新タッチウエイ ト度量衡法の作業標準
February 2000

"Looking at Grand Pianos Through the Eyes of The New Touchweight Metrology"
新タッチウ エイト度量衡法の視点を通して見たグランドアクション
March 2000

"Component TouchWeight Balancing - Blueprint for the Future"
タッチウエ イト調整の構成要素・未来に向けた青写真
April 2000

"Downweight Versus Equation Piano Key Balancing:
Shifting the Paradigm"

June 2014

"Cutting the Balance Rail Punching to Effect Ratio"
December 2014

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