Pianists and Clients describe their Stanwood Precision TouchDesign experience.

March 2, 2023
Nduduzo Makhathini
South Africa's renowned composer/pianist

August 2021
Client of Glen Barkman

"I'm a guitarist and with these changes on the piano,  I feel like I'm touching the strings of the piano I'm that close to it".

July 2015
Seymour Bernstein

January 2015
Gordon Webster

Gordon finds that his musical ideas just come right out

October 2013
Yoko Miwa

"This piano was like an old friend who was so happy to see me and I was equally happy"

June 2013
Bradford Keeney

Brad found the most beautiful sounding piano after years of looking but it was a struggle to control the tone.

December 2009
Gary Hadfield

Gary Hadfield had his prized vintage Bechstein Concert grand rebuilt but then it was worse than even before!

March 2007
John Callahan

John Callahan of Callahan Piano Service in Oakland California describes the effect that Precision TouchDesign has had on his business.

March 2007
Garrett Glass

Owner of a 10 year old Fazioli realizes the connection between the action and piano technique.

October 2006

Keith Jarrett (see also  November 1998 and  September 2000)

August 2006
Adam Lipsky

Talented and upcoming young pianist describes what he loves about Precision TouchDesign:

"The weight you use is the sound you get,"

January 2003
Garrick Ohlssen

This internationally renowned veteren Concert pianist has had many positive experiences performing on pianos upgraded with Precision TouchDesign.  He recently had his primary practice piano in his own home upgraded with PTD.

January 2003
Carol Swenson

Piano owner in Stanford, California wasn't happy with the work done on her Steinway.  After treatment with Precision TouchDesign she says: "the action is totally even, responsive and smooth as silk.  The sound is incredibly beautiful, the voicing perfect."

June 2001
Ricard de La Rosa
The founder of Pro Piano, North America's largest independent purveyor of concert grand pianos, comments on Stanwood's work.

May 2001
Eric Wolfley
Concert Piano Technician at University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music describes his recent concert stage experience with Fred Hersch

September 2000
Keith Jarrett
Describes his take on Precision TouchDesign in the September 11, 2000 National Public Radio Iinterview on "Fresh Air" with radio host Terry Gross

October 1999
Kimberlea Daggy
Music Director of WFDD Public Radio at Wake Forest University, NC
"Why I love your piano"

October 2000,  September 1999
Russell Sherman
The renowned concert pianist of Boston comments on his extensive experience.
playing on pianos with Stanwood Precision Touch

March 1999
Peter Waters
A powerful testimonial by the well known Swiss Concert Pianist and Composer

February 1999
Andrew Rangell
Comments from a live radio interview

December 1998
Paul Haug
Director of the Schaffhausen Conservatory of Music, Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

November 1998
Keith Jarrett
Comments on the work done on his Hamburg Steinway C c1978, in his home Studio

June 1997
Charles Brown
Renowned pianist, Blues artist, and namesake of Ray Charles comments on his Stanwood experience.

April 1997
Kevin Vonderheydt
Arm pain and added expense made his dream piano a nightmare.

Pianists describe their experience playing on pianos with Stanwood Touch Design

June 1996
Ted Howe
Professional jazz pianist - His 5 year old Steinway D was too heavy for him to play comfortably.

January 1996
Victor Rosenbaum
Director of the Longy School of Music endorses Stanwood Touch Designs.

August 1995
Mark Goodman
Professional pianist - discusses his remarkable experience of practicing on a Stanwood Touch Design then performing on a Stanwood Touch Design.

August 1995
Dr. Ruth Lloyd
Describes how the Stanwood Touch Design System helped her recover from stress injury.

July 1995
Michael Kanan
This professional jazz pianist, was ready to scap his rebuilt Steinway Concert Grand.
Now it's his pride and joy.

September 23, 199
Delores Stevens
A Steinway Artist who travels the world performing on many different concert pianos.

April 1990
Richard Goode
Comments on his experience with Stanwood Touch Design installed on his own piano.

August 1988
Rudolf Serkin
Comments on an playing an early Stanwood Touch Design prototype
at the Marlboro Music Festival.

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